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add a letter actors

Add a letter actors

Add a letter to an actors name and do a funny picture. You know, like Dusting Hoffman, Glenn Closer or Michael Cained. See the entries »

film anagrams

Film Anagrams

Yay, it's a wordy filmy challenge! Pick a film, jumble the letters about to make new words and photoshop the hilarious result. See the entries »

time travel tv

Time Travel TV

What would Eastenders be like during Roman times? Would Mrs Brown's Boys be funny if it was set in 3025? Time travel the heck out of all your favourite TV shows See the entries »

workplace horror

Workplace Horror

It's Halloween so we've got to do horror and where better to have it than the workplace. Show us Dracula doing his day job, or design a horror movie poster about the fax machine coming back to life. See the entries »

british marketing board

British Marketing Board

The British Marketing Board Presents. Make old adverts for unusual products, like a 1970s campaign to offload a government surplus of toads. See the entries »



Lets take a trip to everyone's favourite impossible to navigate, flat pack megastore. Celebrate the wonder of IKEA from it's iconic instruction manuals to its billy bookshelves and tasty meatballs. See the entries »

fish albums

Fish Albums

Photoshop classic LP covers as if they were performed, or are about fish. Or just make terrible fish / music puns. See the entries »

celebrity computer games

Celebrity Computer Games

We're combining celebrities with computer games this week. We want terrible tie ins and funny puns. So turn on your Atari, press play on the cassette recorder and fiddle with your favourite famous person's joystick. See the entries »

enhanced animals

Enhanced Animals

Animals are great, but could they be better? Has evolution missed a trick by not giving a horse guns or a sheep incredibly long legs. Find out through the power of photo manipulation (not home veterinary surgery) See the entries »

reinvent things better

Reinvent things better

Everyday items are great, but what if they were greater? Reinvent the things around you so they do the things they do, but better and more. Show us remote controlled pre buttered toasters, kettles that pour 5 different hot drinks at once and all sorts of other stuff. See the entries »



It's been 13 years since we last did celebrity autobiographies so we felt it's time for an update. Pick your favourite (or most hated) celeb and think of an amusingly relevant title for their book. Then design the cover (again). See the entries »

music toys

Music Toys

Hasbro have bought Death Row Records so we can hopefully look forward to Dr Dre's Guess Who and Snoop's spliff shaped Jenga set any day now. Celebrate this meeting of cultural minds with your own range of music/album/song based toys. See the entries »

getting old

Getting Old

We're all getting older and more forgetful and our knees hurt and we can't see as well as we used to and the tv has to be a little bit louder and we're getting more forgetful and our knees hurt and getting older is hell. Photoshop everything else getting older to make us feel better. See the entries »

everyday effects

Everyday Effects

Life is very dull compared to the movies, so lets make things more exciting by putting special effects in to everyday activities. Give us explosions, lens flares and cg enhancements to the most mundane of things. See the entries »

unlikely movie adaptations

Unlikely Movie Adaptations

The same old films are getting made and remade, Hollywood needs to look further afield for source material so lets give them some ideas. Make movie adaptions of reference books, scientific papers, life stories and anything else they'd never think of looking at. See the entries »

summer special

Summer Special

It's the Summer holidays so put on your swimsuit, roll out a beach towel and photoshop your favourite films, tv shows and pop stars doing Summery stuff. See the entries »

political sitcoms

Political Sitcoms

Boris is in charge but we can't face a whole week of him so lets do political sitcoms instead. Mrs Gordon Browns Boys, Catastrophe that sort of thing See the entries »

letter change music

Letter Change Music

It's a words and music week, pick a song or album and replace a letter to make a new word and ideally a funny. It's a letter change music challenge. See the entries »



We're celebrating the world of celebrity photoshop fails this week. Instagram trend setters that leave distorted backgrounds or cloned body parts in shot and fashion shoots with impossibly long legs or too many elbows. See the entries »

modernise tv shows

Modernise TV shows

We're updating TV shows this week, reboot them with more culturally relevant themes. Modernise TV! See the entries »