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confectionary traps

Confectionary Traps

Cakes are in the news for ambushing the PM. What other confectionary items are deadly traps? Strawberry Bootlace Garrotes? Battenberg proximity mines? Show us the deadly side of desserts, puddings and sweets. See the entries »

modernize films

Modernize Films

Apparently you can't make films like you used to because of all sorts of reasons, so lets modernize all the old films. Remove the questionable bits and add new concepts, trends and brands. See the entries »

predict 2022

Predict 2022

It's a new year, full of possibilities. Put on your fortune telling hat and show us what you think will happen in 2022. Who will win, who will lose, what tech will appear, what films will get made and will humanity still be around by the end of it? See the entries »

celebrity christmas cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards

Celebrity Christmas Cards, Christmas Cards with Celebrities on them and maybe a pun. Go on. See the entries »

religious movies

Religious Movies

It's Christmas so lets have some religious movies. Shows us some Biblical blockbusters and faith filled films. See the entries »

monster pun amnesty

Monster Pun Amnesty

Get all your Gorn puns out of your system, alongside any for Godzilla, Mothra or the Blob. It's monster pun week. See the entries »

animals treating humans like animals

Animals treating humans like animals

Imagine a world where animals treat humans like we treat animals. Show us the joy of curling up on a cats lap and the horror of battery farming. See the entries »

horror games

Horror Games

It's Halloween but trick or treating is an effort, so lets stay in and play some games. Show us a ghoulish Guess Who, a devilish Donkey Kong and some terrifying Tekken. See the entries »



Facebook is rebranding as 'Meta' - tell them what you think in this mini challenge See the entries »

tv crossovers

TV Crossovers

All the soap operas are swapping characters for a thing, so lets do that with all the programs, put Dad's Army in Band of Brothers, Red Dwarf in Star Trek and Mrs Browns Boys in Squid Game. See the entries »

pop group animals

Pop Group Animals

It's animals in pop groups this week. Show us animals with instruments rocking the crowd or just do some classic band name puns. See the entries »

off duty bond

Off duty Bond

What does James Bond do when he's not spying? Are the henchmen evil at weekends or do they do a nice bit of gardening? Does Blofeld take part in cat shows? Show us the off duty Bond universe. See the entries »



Nirvana's Nevermind is 30 years old today. Lets celebrate the album, band and cover art in the usual b3ta way. See the entries »

make tv and film more british


Comply with government regulations by making all TV and film more British See the entries »



ABBA are back so lets go to work on them. Funny photoshops, mash ups of their songs, hilarious puns, terrifying kaleidoscopic images, you know what you like. See the entries »

sainsburys archive

Sainsburys Archive

Sainsbury's have uploaded thousands of product and packaging scans in to an excellent design archive. There's something for everyone to play with here https://sainsburyarchive.org.uk/ See the entries »

prince andrew

Prince Andrew

All patriotic royalists at B3ta should celebrate that great asset to the nation, Prince Andrew, what could go wrong? See the entries »

rich pets

Rich Pets

What do the pets of billionaires get up to while their owners are out? Show us the world of super rich pets. See the entries »

new olympic sports

New Olympic Sports

There are a few new sports in this years Olympics, but they're not nearly as entertaining as they could be. Think up some new ones and show us through the magic of pictures. See the entries »

animal holidays

Animal Holidays

Pack your trunks and hoof it to the beach, we're sending animals on holiday. See the entries »