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opposite films

Opposite Films

This week's challenge is to take famous films and do the opposite. Example? Fight Club becomes Love Club, where gangs of women meet up to MAKE LOVE. And so on. See the entries »

superheroes in history

Superheroes in History

Superheroes are immortal and never appear to age, so lets show them as we know them, but throughout history: defending the Victorians, protecting dinosaurs and dining in the court of Henry the 8th. See the entries »

making hospitals dangerous

Making Hospitals Dangerous

Imagine a world in which hospital was the last place you'd take a sick person: show us the terrifying surgical tools, the bad practice, and the scary staff. See the entries »

advertising in the science fiction universe

Advertising in the Science Fiction Universe

Advertising is oddly absent in our favourite space-based stories. Rectify this anomaly to show us what Luke, Darth, Obi Wan, Jean-Luc, Kirk, Spock, Riker, et al have sold to them through the medium of advertising. See the entries »

naughty shop challenge

Naughty Shop Challenge

Go into a shop and rearrange objects to make it say something naughty. Take a photo. Thanks to Benny Tied To A Tree for this special bonus challenge idea. BTW: We don't expect this challenge to immediately get loads of entries so we'll probably leave it open for a while, and we'll still be running our normal photoshop compos. Have fun kids and don't get arrested. See the entries »

corporate greenwash

Corporate Greenwash

In these environmentally-conscious days, even the most sinister of companies are trying to convince us of their green credentials. Fire up Photoshop and show us how they should do it... See the entries »

save itv

Save ITV

With ad revenue in the toilet, dwindling ratings, regional news to be abolished after the election, and Adam Crozier as boss, what can possibly save the nation's favourite lowest-common-denominator broadcaster? See the entries »

the ipad

The iPad

As Steve Jobs launches THE MOST EXCITING PRODUCT EVER, HONEST, this week's challenge is obvious: take the piss out of the iPad. See the entries »

unlikely company mergers

Unlikely Company Mergers

In the week that nasty Kraft took over nice Cadbury, this week's challenge is to picture unlikely company mergers, and the products that might result. See the entries »

how do you hide an elephant?

How do you hide an elephant?

This week's challenge is to answer an age-old question: How do you hide an elephant? Fire up Photoshop and show us how. See the entries »

alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine

These days anyone can be a doctor and cure diseases using pills, special massages, poo-analysis or just hand waving. We're sure you lot can do it too. Create new alternative medicines using the magic of Photoshop. Challenge suggested by Mike at merseysideskeptics.org.uk See the entries »

explain stuff with maths

Explain Stuff With Maths

As we don't like the idea of anyone taking it easy over Christmas, this week's challenge is to explain things using maths, like this example, or to submit other mathematics-inspired imagery. See the entries »

frankenstein foods

Frankenstein Foods

We think that Cadbury and Marmite should get together to invent the Cadbury Marmite Egg. Mmmm-mmm. So this week's task is to invent other unlikely combinations of foodstuffs that really should be manufactured. See the entries »

christmas cards of truth

Christmas Cards Of Truth

Xmas is almost upon on once again, and it's time for b3ta's annual Christmas Card challenge. This year, we'd like you to design cards that tell the truth about Christmas and about the people you'll be sending them to. See the entries »

jesus on tour

Jesus on Tour

According to The News, Jesus may have visited Britain. What did he come to see? Show us what he got up to on our dingy island, or what he might be doing now if he were to suddenly turn up again. See the entries »

desktop icon art

Desktop Icon Art

This week's challenge is to make a picture using the icons on your desktop. Confused? Here's your inspiration via Lee Blackwood. Easy. See the entries »

celebrity cutout dolls

Celebrity Cutout Dolls

This week's challenge is to create cut-out-and-keep dolls based on celebrities, like these lovely ones. For extra points, photograph their exploits during the hours of fun they'll almost certainly provide. See the entries »

when baddies turn good... and vice versa

When Baddies turn Good... and Vice Versa

Back in 2003 we ran a classic "when baddies turn good" challenge, and now we're revisiting it. Also welcome are pictures of the opposite, when goodies turn bad. See the entries »

how history was faked

How History Was Faked

Everyone knows that the moon landing was faked, but what if other things were? The ascent of Everest? Germany's invasion of Poland? Show us how famous historical events were faked. See the entries »

new ways to deliver the mail

New Ways To Deliver The Mail

As the postal strikes bring the country to its knees, it's obvious we need new ways to deliver the mail. Show us what they are. The nation will thank you. See the entries »