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disappointing tribute bands

Disappointing Tribute Bands

Too lazy to come up with their own music and personalities, tribute bands are the dregs of the music industry, and, let's face it, the bands they are copying were shite to start with. But there's always room for more. Photoshop us some really bad tribute bands - on stage, as flyers, whatever - and stick your efforts on the board. See the entries »

daily mail world

Daily Mail World

Obsessed by the idea that somebody, somewhere might be having fun? Clamp down on these unwashed subversive freeloaders. Post us pictures from Daily Mail World on the messageboard. See the entries »

the inanimate sex challenge

The Inanimate Sex Challenge

The Inanimate Sex Challenge, aka "What's that lamp doing Mummy?"
Take an object such as an angle-poise lamp or a shoe and make it engage in activity of a sexual nature, then stick the results on the board.

WARNING: Using pornographic images for your entry means you haven't read the challenge properly.
See the entries »

inappropriate endorsements

Inappropriate Endorsements

Some people will endorse or sponsor just about anything. Make us evidence of the most inappropriate sponsorship junkets you can think of, and stick them on the board. See the entries »

come-back tv

Come-back TV

The number of TV has-beens swilling around the dole office is getting silly. Get them more work by pitching us new TV vehicles for their talents on the messageboard. Extra points for any that actually get made. See the entries »

solitaire mini challenge

Solitaire Mini Challenge

We've interviewed Wes Cherry - the creator of Solitaire - and we'd like you to do a bit of photoshopping before we put the interview up. Yes. Are you ready for the challenge? Can you make us laugh only using a pack of playing cards? Best stuff will be used to illustrate the interview. See the entries »

christmas cards

Christmas Cards

Everyone's looking for heart warming christmas images to send to their mates at the moment, so why not make some that sum up the realities of christmas. Get out your humbug and photoshop and post the results on the board. See the entries »

national suicide week

National Suicide Week

It's National Suicide Week! Create material to push people over the edge and post it on the board.

See the entries »

gangsta's in da hood

Gangsta's in da hood

In a desperate attempt to be "street" we want you to take the ordinary and turn it all gangster on our asses. Open photoshop and let rip on the messageboard. See the entries »

the drugs do work

The Drugs DO work

What if drugs were just an everyday part of life? How would the world be? Integrate hard drugs with our soft lives, and show us the results on the messageboard. See the entries »

animals with jobs

Animals with Jobs

Jobs are boring, which is why you are here on b3ta. If only we could convince animals to do our jobs, we could play all day. Make pictures to show us how and put them on the messageboard. See the entries »

the victorian internet

The Victorian Internet

What would the Victorians have made of the interweb? We need to know, for our own private, ahem, 'research' - show people your ideas on the messageboard. See the entries »

rubbish bond gadgets

Rubbish Bond Gadgets

Now listen carefully Bond... What rubbish has Q come up with this week, and how can he fit it into a seemingly innocent household item? Grab photoshop and show us. Go on. Stick your efforts on the messageboard See the entries »

the reductionist challenge

The Reductionist Challenge

This is Hitler.

Make us more pictures of people in the smallest number of shapes possible and put them on the messageboard. See the entries »

100% fact

100% Fact

It's gotta be true - a man down the pub told me last night. Photoshop us the sort of pub trivia that passes as fact these days and try to persuade the messageboard. See the entries »

local news

Local News

"And now over to news from your area..." Why do they bother? It's always some shite about a cat stuck up a tree. Tedium is their medium. Photoshop us some of the sort of stories that local news teams spend their sad, sad lives documenting, and stick them on the messageboard. See the entries »

what should be on the cover of the face?

What should be on the cover of The Face?

The Face magazine are asking B3ta people to make them a cover. The best will be printed in their 2003 end of year special. See the entries »

budget cuts

Budget Cuts

Budget Cuts. All projects start out wonderful until the accounts weenies step in and point out you've only got 3 Estonian pingus to spend. Show us how things might look if they had had to be made on the cheap - stick your photoshops on the board. See the entries »

photoshop ninjas

Photoshop Ninjas

Ninjas! Bound deep within the techno-wibble that holds the Interweb together is the truth that ninjas flip out and kill people. Feed the ninja-hungry public with more ninja stuff. Put your ninja pics on the messageboard. See the entries »

conjoined celebs

Conjoined Celebs

Conjoined Celebrities. What's better than one celebrity? Two joined mercilessly together, that's what. Grab two people whose names go together and shop them so they look stupid, like Roger Moorgan Freeman here. Stick the results on the board. See the entries »