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# B3ta Radio Show - Call for content
Hopefully more of you heard the radio show on Friday and have an idea of what we're looking for:

1. Music b3ta people have made. (Entertaining stuff - not band demos)

2. Music b3ta people suggest. We're not allowed to play stuff that normally gets played on the radio. So we're looking for unusual stuff.

3. And hey if you want to get really creative and record short skits, jingles etc we promise to listen with open ears.

Anyway - attach your URLs to this thread. We're going to leave it open all week.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:27, archived)
# Rhinocratic Oaths by
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:28, archived)
# Bonza!
top choice, followed by 'Jazz, delicious hot, disgusting cold.' We can all join in with the ohh-yahs!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 20:09, archived)
# here here!!!!
...but i've also had a thing for Wing.... wingmusic.com
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 22:24, archived)
# My band supported their offshoot band Jollity farm this weekend!
Here's a link to a picture of them:
crazy old dudes with beards and weirds

and Rob, I've asked you before I know so you can ignore me, but why not play some of our stuff Us. Here.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 10:47, archived)
The greatest song ever recorded.
Someone doing an animation based on it would do well for themselves too, instead of fucking doing gay bar again.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 18:41, archived)
# Bill Posters
The "Bill Posters Will Be Band" still sing this song, first Thursday of every month at the Bull's Head in Barnes, SW London. I know because my dad, Jim "Golden Boots" Chambers, is in the band! Most of them are ex-Bonzo members.
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 18:12, archived)
# play non-stop
dapper clowns in the background
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:28, archived)
# Hmmmm,
I might record some radio jingles...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:29, archived)
# Do that, and replace every third
word/lyric with "flange".
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# funnily
just finished a remix for some people of a track called "flangicide".

released later this year on skydive records...god today really is shameless plug day. sorry. no more i promise.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:31, archived)
# cool
look forward to it
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# It's a
very big might, a very big might.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:31, archived)
# I propose...
Playground re-workings of Christmas carols and jingles.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:32, archived)
# 'Fuck off'
by Mindless Drug Hoover.

EDIT: sorry, that sounds quite offensive. It's real, and funny, in a Northern kind of way.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:29, archived)
# Agreed
very very funny
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 15:56, archived)
# mindless
cool song
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 15:20, archived)
# Don't have sufficient webspace for mp3,
but I can stick a CD in the post if you like.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# the address on the appeal page works ...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:32, archived)
# hope this goes well
radio is sooo much fun. i currently do 2 shows that i'm gonna shamelessly plug here now ;)

every tuesday 8-10pm gmt www.leetradio.com
alternate saturday/sunday midnight-2am www.breaksfm.com

blatant plug over..
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# Reckon you can swing
The Game Of Eyes by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci?
Though they're getting kinda big now, playing at Leeds and Reading and stuff, but you still never hear their stuff on the radio
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# .
i went to uni with the drummer

...sorry its my only claim to fame.

ps... make the radio show get as far as wales dammit, london sucks.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 22:24, archived)
# play the giant bee song.
you know you want to.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:30, archived)
# whatabout
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:31, archived)
# yes yes yes yes
yes yes yes
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:06, archived)
# you can do no worse than one
of Todd Rundgren's more lighthearted tunes


real audio at

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:32, archived)
# play..
The Colorblind James Experience!

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:33, archived)
# Yaay
A Different Bob
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:53, archived)
# or 'im considering a move to memphis'
im considering a move to memphis,
thats memphis, tennesee.
It worked for Evis Presley,
why cant it work for me.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:01, archived)
# cassette boy is just what you people need
parker tapes
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:33, archived)
# this album rules!!
cassette boy were fantastic though sadly they've now split up ;(
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:44, archived)
# shame of shames
proper b3ta audio mash type music
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:47, archived)
# Played any of Koit's stuff yet?
Other than that, "Corky & the Juice Pigs" could be good
their original tapes have been deleted too, so i doubt they'd be protected by copyright
they can be found on KaZaA
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:34, archived)
Giovanni and Sebastian.

or "I Say Potato!"

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:35, archived)
# both have been played
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:35, archived)
for laughs!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:41, archived)
# I'm not sure if you can use it,
but i've got a finnish folk version of The Final Countdown, called "Jaakarinhumppa" (it's gloriously terrible). Thing is i downloaded it off kazaa as an mp3 and i don't know if it's some proper release that you're not allowed to use without permission or something. It is fairly ususual though.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:36, archived)
# um
"Light infantary oom-pah"

Sounds cool!

You might like "Lady Madonna" by Jaak Joala (sp?). Estonian, rather than Finnish, but a great track all the same!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:58, archived)
# does it end
with some clearly elderly men yodelling and playing a guitar completely out of key?
Because apparently that kind of thing amuses me.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:07, archived)
# Some voodoo Trombone Quartet!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:37, archived)
# Yay for media overexposure!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:43, archived)
# Or
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:47, archived)
# choonz
Have you discovered the 365 days project?
They have Abba in Hindi. And songs about Silicon.

Or this rather super page featuring Brent Spiner crooning, among many others...


I'll do you an mp3 of my rare 1960's Ovaltiner's Beat Group '45 if I can be arsed, too. It's like the Beatles, but it's about Ovaltine.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:43, archived)
# jogging for jesus is a personal favorite
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:45, archived)
# I have a great
flexi-disc from the sixties about Smiths Crisps...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:00, archived)
# Oooh.
I'll tape myself wanking into a bucket when I get home.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:43, archived)
# the effervescing elephant
by Syd Barratt
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:44, archived)
# yay
for Syd
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:02, archived)
# Can I mail yer a couple of tracks?
as I don't have any webspace?
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:51, archived)
# anything from this mad woman .......
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:52, archived)
# .
kill me now! make it swift!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:39, archived)
# what about that Chinese woman from an old newsletter....
who did really bad cover versions...she needs some airplay.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 10:54, archived)
# they did her on Graham Norton
so ...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 12:47, archived)
# Blimey
I thought he was gay.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:37, archived)
# I cannae google for empty threes at work,
but you should really cast your ears over
The Death Of Optimus Prime by They Might Be Giants.

It's a joking folk-song lament by the autobots, anyone who ever watched Transformers as a kid will love it...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:07, archived)
# For more optimus-prime-related fun
how about Can You Dig It by PWEI?
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 14:11, archived)
# Go Shirley
by Concorde,
which you can download from
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:26, archived)
# Roy Orbison In Clingfilm
by.......... well........ ME!


Rob is probably pissed off to death with me spamming him about it by now, so I promise this will be the last time, ok Rob?

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:33, archived)
# they let you back ?
after the 'cunt' incident ?! Woo!!

Well, you didn't play Airwolf, so you really should this week. It's not really a band demo, as I never cared about that stuff. I think it is entertaining and you could plug it as a 'party time, rave tastic' song of the week, or something...anyhoo - good luck with the shows :)
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:36, archived)
# yeah we might well play that
I had it on CD for last week, but it got cut for time.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 12:03, archived)
# The last song ?
Does anyone have a link to the MP3 of the last song that was played on Friday ?
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 11:54, archived)
# have
you got a playlist anywhere? Is it on the web? Why not? etc.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:41, archived)
# here - Dancing with Mr T
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:52, archived)
# king missile
Most famous for 'detachable penis' but equally good are 'jesus was way cool', 'the adventures of planky the plankton' and 'gay not gay'.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 12:24, archived)
# king missile
or their classic, "cheesecake truck"...

what about the fantastic dutch prog-rock anthem "hocus pocus" by Focus - not radio-friendly at 7 mins, but entirely made up of yodelling and overly enthusiastic guitar solos...

i've got nowhere to ftp these to, but can email them somewhere...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 14:55, archived)
# Cheescake Truck is genius...
I should ftp it really...
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 12:09, archived)
# Was the show archived ?
I missed it on friday, can I hear it elsewhere today ? ?

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 12:55, archived)
# well
look a could of posts down, and click on tef's name

theres a linky in his profile
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:39, archived)
# B3ta Radio Show - Call for content
I Dreamt I Had Soup With The Peasants

I made this when I was drunk. It's lots of noise and me dribbling about soup and peasants. It's just unpleasant.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 12:59, archived)
# or alternatively...
This Week's Episode

Made from 'Lost In Space' samples.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:14, archived)
# How about some metrognomes
I have a crap mike tough so it's probably not as good if you can't hear the lyrics very clearly.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:11, archived)
# I know its kinda obvious...
but the fabulous python boys did a cheeky little number entitled...
'I bet you they dont Play this song on the radio'
A challenge direct from Palin, and i'd love to hear it too.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:36, archived)
# may i suggest this
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:43, archived)
# Spiffy
That's made my day :D
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 14:13, archived)
# The tetris theme, done in ska.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 13:52, archived)
# Derriere Explosion
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 14:38, archived)
# Pwurg!
dare ya! :D With added stilton.
choose your density...

#1 - pwurg.users.btopenworld.com/tunez/pwurg-smellofroyalty.mp3
remember that incident with Prince Charles betting sprayed with deoderant sometime ago, well here's a song about it and royalty in general...

#2 - pwurg.users.btopenworld.com/tunez/pwurg-marrowfat_lunchbox.mp3
With Legs Like Yours You Should Have Been A Tree...

#3 - www.sporetemple.com/tunez/pwurg-greystate.mp3
politician - don't like you!

#4 - www.sporetemple.com/tunez/pwurg_big_hair.mp3
big hair? yes, big hair, too big for the face...

#5 - www.sporetemple.com/tunez/pwurg-tanguintheforager.mp3
foraging for nuts and berries? Slice and chop and chop and slice?
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 15:27, archived)
# Something unusual and very cheesy
'Whatchamacallit' by Esquivel it's brilliant. His song "mucha/muchacho" was used on the beavis and butthead movie. 'whatchamacallit' is way cooler. I can see if I can find a copy/sample somewhere on the next for review.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 15:44, archived)
# music sugesgegsge
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 16:14, archived)
# v/vm
doing rock me amadeus by Falco
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:13, archived)
What about the song/video that was on here ages ago, where the video featured those oriental poofs dancing around wearing leaves? Seemed radio-friendly to me.

[edit] Yatta?

Also at some point I can get some of my songs online, or there's a couple in my profile (links might no longer be active)

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 17:32, archived)
# if anyone
has anything by Weird Al Yankovic, Bill Bailey or Tom Lehrer they should play it.
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 18:03, archived)
# ...
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 19:28, archived)
Giovanni & Sebastian - Cry For The Dwarf

Strangely, BBC Radio Kent refused to play this. There's no swearing, nice lyrics, it's a pretty little tune etc - but they found the word "dwarf" to be too offensive. The song they played instead? Dancing With Mr T...hehe...
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 18:03, archived)
# hello!
I demand that you put together a live performance of Giovanni and Sebastian (and the fucking dwarf) forthwith!

please...please...or at least fix the "I Would Do Anything" mp3 on the yass album page...thank you
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 19:36, archived)
# it's there:
just change the filename so it has initial capitals like the other tunes and there it is. damn unix servers.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 14:53, archived)
# Class
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 18:38, archived)
A nice funny song that a lot of people will relate to. And if you remember, you wrote the lyrics.

(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 19:30, archived)
# One for 'our boys'
always wanted to hear more of those cheery songs from the trenches. Think they were used on the sountrack to oh what a lovely war.
catchy ditties like 'hanging on the old barbed wire' and somthing about a whizzbang going somewhere!
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 20:21, archived)
# The singing postman
died this week. How about his classic,
"Hev Yew Gotta Loight Bor ?"
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 20:52, archived)
# The King of Fuh
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 21:07, archived)
# me song i done made
some techno stuff i made when i get bored out me head
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 21:38, archived)
# opening act
by ugly duckling
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 21:44, archived)
# Well, I wrote a song
its called the 'Beer Run' song...I don't have a microphone, so I can't record it...and I'm dead broke so I can't buy a domain. So I'll be lame and write it here. Sooo....you can use it, but just sing it fast and with a country twang...


B-double E-double R-U-N beer ruuuuuun
B-double E-double R-U-N beer ruuuuuuun
All you need is a ten and a fiver
keys and a car and a sober driver
B-double E-double R-U-N beeer RUUN

Went up to the baaar
Ordered myself some vodkaaaaa
Guy next to me was so drunk
he reeked of sulfaaaaa

Handed him some freshenerrrrr
He told me I looked like his motherrrrrr
So I hit him in the faaaaace
And along came the bouncerrrrrrrr

And now I'm in the hospitalllll
Tryin to eat my Jelloooooooo
Thinking bout my beer run
and the run in with that drunk fellowwww

B-double E-double R-U-N beeeer ruuuun
B-double E-double R-U-N beeeeeeeeer RUUUN
All you need is a ten and a fiver
keys and a car and a sober driver
B-double E-double R-U-N BEER RUN!

Isn't that lame? Just mention that I wrote it : )
(, Mon 18 Aug 2003, 22:06, archived)
# I like the chorus particularly
well done you
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 16:10, archived)
# The Cheer Up Song!
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 0:05, archived)
# Fantastic
...a personal favourite ;)
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 11:36, archived)
# seconded
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 11:24, archived)
# A classic of it's genre
In fact the genre of 'songs-off-a-cassette-that-came-free-with-Your-Sinclair-magazine' is quite limited
Limited to one I believe
I present Hold My Hand Very Tightly (Very Tightly) by Davey Wilson
Here is the link www.ysrnry.co.uk/articles/holdhand.htm
It's in a zip file
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 0:45, archived)
# Yes! Do it!
God, it's like being eleven again!
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 23:51, archived)
# mp3s!

LOTR spoof me and my mate ric made when a family BBQ got boring.


Reverend Horton Heat - Stop That Pigeon


Weird Japanese thing this girl sent me

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 0:51, archived)
# Bloody hilerious!
Play it or suffer!!!
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 21:05, archived)
# Dragon Half ending theme!
Ludwig van Beethoven would be turning in his grave!
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 22:05, archived)
# -=--
patience and prudence
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 2:03, archived)
# the not very good interval band
lots of good b3ta-ish songs, eg "the pope wears rubber (and he drinks fresh milk)" and "little fluffy chips"

some mp3s available thru
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 4:47, archived)
# Beethoven's Fifth Fart.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 8:57, archived)
# D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?
by the Butthole Surfers

always makes me laugh
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 16:11, archived)
# I could easily make up a CD
with loads of odd, cheesy, disturbing and just plain bizarre songs on it, it would certainly be easier than dumping them all somewhere on the net.
Is there an address I could mail it to?
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 9:00, archived)
# I find it a lot easier to deal with MP3
CDs have a habit of staying unlistened to... But if you really want to send a CD you can find the address here:
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 12:23, archived)
# how about one of the fine songs from
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 11:45, archived)
# Yep
lovely chaps those Beatbox Sabs.

We may be doing a Christmas song based on Little Goth Girl together. Be afraid.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 13:19, archived)
# Here are a couple of my tracks in my guise as Castor Gear
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 12:17, archived)
# Well, You could..
Give this a go - it's a pretty naff Simpsons Cyber mix I made when buggering about with a music make..

It's a .rar file, download and unrar for MP3..

(It's a bit crap though and quite short, but it'll encourage me to continue - so any feedback would be col)

click here
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 12:23, archived)
# sweet tooth abortion
By the Peppermints. Here's a song called nancy you can download from amazon.

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 13:33, archived)
# Some incorrect stuff
Anyone who knows Incorrect Music on WFMU in New York will probably have heard these but here's a memory jogger...

Chicken Cow by Wesley Willis

California Dreaming by 386-DX - The power of the 386PC voice synthesiser applied to popular classics

Abominable Snow Creature by Marlin Wallace

I Want to Be a Mother by Mormon Kids - too terrifying to describe

Diary of an Unborn Child by Li'l Markie - everyones favourite neo-conservative Christian glove puppet

All Mosquitoes Must Die by Tom Clelund

Up Came Oil! by The Exxon Corporate Singers

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 14:59, archived)
# I posted this once...
It's Busta Rhymes with the Shrewsbury Gilbert and Sullivan Society.

Act One, Scene One. Overture and Busta's entrance.

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 16:17, archived)
# PartyGirl
I wrote/recorded/sang this through a voice messer-about-with plugin to make me sound like a girl. A Partygirl.

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 16:45, archived)
# my tunes for your show :)
A mate of mine said you were looking for, erm, 'talent' to play on your radio show, so i wondered whether any of these tunes i've done would be appropriate. They are all original recordings/compositions & i hope u enjoy them!


If u need to contact me my e-mail is:
[email protected]
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 17:59, archived)
# my tunes (again)
Not quite sure if my last post worked or not, so, erm, just trying to confirm that i got some original songs that u might b able to use on your radio show. They are silly.
Cheeeeeeeerz! :)
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:07, archived)
# radio show
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:15, archived)
# you say not band demo but does it count if this band hasn't existed for years?
Probably, it's about ninja's and cowboys and i made it

And as far as anything that never never ever gets played on the radio

Anything by mr bungle.
The Fucking Champs - NwOBM
The goats - watcha get is what your gettin'
anything by lovage
Saga - for a good reason this doesn't get played
The Mexican - cannae remember who that is.
Breath Control - Can't remember who wrote this its very very goth
Primus - here they come or sailing the sea's of cheese
Knuckles - some burning flag track from the early ninties (ohmygosh they still exist)
Thunder- low life in high places hahahaha brilliant.
Mr bungle - cannot stress this one enough.
Drag racing by big stick.

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:18, archived)
# It's Not Funny (My Arse Is On Fire)
By Mr Bungle is class.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:50, archived)
# and
a classic
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 0:21, archived)
# *opens kazaa*
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 10:19, archived)
# Captain Jack
In The Navy (XXL Disaster Remix)

Musical genius from the european combo that are only big in japan. And in japan, only big in obscure dancing games.

(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 18:45, archived)
# did
you play my dr who metal thing? I didn't tune in im afraid...
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 19:04, archived)
# yes
we did. Show 1.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 0:24, archived)
[challenge entry] And WHEEEE!!
Suprised noone has mentioned anything about Threebrain!
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 20:49, archived)
# sweeeeeeet music
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 22:20, archived)
# same
the best of me..............

oh shit.

thats not much good..............
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 22:33, archived)
# A hand-washed turkey

PS Will this show be availableable on CD or anything? I won't get to hear it on London Radio, but it could be a nice little fundraiser for B3ta.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 22:43, archived)
# yes!
i'd buy that.

even if mine weren't on it.
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 23:36, archived)
# How about
Ages ago a friend and I went into a sex chatroom and chatted up 'Dave From Somerset' pretending to be 'upskirt_girl4U'.

This is a transcript of our conversation set to music.

Its notable for the way we introduced 'like a giant inseminoid' into the conversation.

Also, you might want a europop version of the Anvil Chorus from Verdi's Aida
(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 23:09, archived)
# OI!
hope i get points on the lyrics of that.

damn music industries all the same, use you and leave you in the gutter.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 0:23, archived)
# Hee hee
A bit Chris Morris, that is!
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 12:26, archived)
# how about
my hot off the press sex wee song


(, Tue 19 Aug 2003, 23:30, archived)
You want tunes, get anything by the boredoms, with songs like feedback f@*k, anal boogie, and lyrics like I 'll eat your scrotum, YEH'LL LOVE THEM AND THEYRE FROM JAPAN. Or MC Pitman or even loads of cool stuff from Warp records. Youve probably seen the site but on warprecords.com they have this thing called bushwhacked. Go. HEAR. THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 12:29, archived)
# MC Pitman
Nottinghamshire based ex coalminer turned Hip Hop Star (think of the skiffle kittens doing destiny's child stuff)
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 13:05, archived)

dunno where you'd get mp3s though. soz.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 14:29, archived)
# Why not play...
...the entire David Hasselhoff back catalogue? that would ammount to a veritable music masterclass.....
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 15:42, archived)
# *cough*
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 16:05, archived)
# V/VM is what you need
Anything... you have to hear to believe.
The only problem may be that its a little too bizarre for anyone's taste. Except mine.

An NME review to persuade you: www.nme.com/reviews/6490.htm

And you can get some of the tracks at brainwashed.com/vvm/zoffal03tracklisting.htm
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 18:50, archived)
# Also I forgot
Just look at the tracklisting for this album:

the best baby MP3
stay anuvva day MP3
the lady in red (is dancing with meat) MP3
i need love lard MP3
goodiepal's ....s (edit)
only you ba da da da
two can play that gammon MP3
just the way you are xx
say nothing at all MP3
take my beef away MP3
sex you up
words........ MP3
the other side
for evver and evva
a perfect moment
blue thighs (baby's got)
do you want to know a sick-rat? MP3
spud girls two become 1
mama mia tordis
on my own why did it end.
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 18:53, archived)
# Parodies, bootlegs, topicana Mp3's
recorded live at our "end of the month club" in Glasgow and hosted at www.eotmc.com/audio.htm

to get an idea head for #41

(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 20:26, archived)
# Life is shitty, and then you're stepped on.
Not a lot of links to actual tracks here, so I thought I'd fix that. My "Life As A Cockroach" animation was in a news letter a while back (still brings a tear to my eye that does...) but there happens to be a musical version of the track too:

Life As A Cockroach (mp3)

The link above is on a slow server with a transfer limit, so you might need to check out the MP3.COM site where you can download this track and another one thats about the dangers of letting your mind wander while making pasta. Very topical, mm hmm.

Both tracks are odd and entertaining, and they're not even demos now 'cause the album just came out! Whoo hoo!

The Al-a-tollah
(, Wed 20 Aug 2003, 20:48, archived)
# The Badger song by The Dead Milkmen
No idea where you could get it from, and I've lost my copy.

"Down in the woods, up to no good, I want to make friends with the badger..."
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 2:11, archived)
# Play some Group X
The arabian rap group. Idiot.
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 6:41, archived)
# Here's a new one.....
TMO vs. M.C Izzard - Ciao (Sexy Tunes)

Again, it's a self extracting .RAR file for the MP3..

Much better than my first effort..

Lemme know if you might play it, oh and could you put up a link for the streaming media version of the show on the front page ?

That way those of us not in London can listen in too.....
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 10:14, archived)
# Top banana
That is well class. Congratulations that man.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 6:58, archived)
# Manta Ray song!
I'm afraid it's a WMA. But it's at http://www.freewebs.com/tungazzio/mantasong.WMA.
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 11:00, archived)
# anything by Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine
preferably his cover of Radiohead - Creep.
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 11:24, archived)
# hope mp3 com still works
hi i have a couple of mp3's,


although i haven't checked it for a long time, so maybe it doesn't wok now? probably ok.

otherwise, www12.ocn.ne.jp/~chinchin

there are mp3's of songs i made there too, and yes, you don't have to worry, because definately no-one else likes or plays these songs.
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 14:53, archived)
# midfielding by midfield general
its about woodland animals
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 16:14, archived)
# Breachwood Green
Breachwood Green
About a village in Hertfordshire now endearingly referred to as the 'Dark Village'
and it's got a flash video to go with it
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 16:52, archived)
# can
you play "Starship Trooper" by Yes? ;-)

... it`s only 3 minutes long... honestly... ahem
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 19:38, archived)
# its crap, weird and occasionally hilarious
a random recording taken while the band was screwing around - we play rock, ...really! Oh, the good bit starts about 1 minute in, the rest is rather quiet
braai flace (improv), tentatively titled "lady" or "steve making an arse of himself :)"

And now for the "I made this" bit
odd dedo tune
hmmm (longer version)
hmmm2 (shorter version)
(, Thu 21 Aug 2003, 21:27, archived)
# An old band on mine recorded one of our songs...
...the band doesn't exist any more but the song is damn good. It's too big to host on MSN but if you'd like an mp3 for the show you can get me at the address in my profile.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 0:08, archived)
# Cumbia De Los Muerte
and Cut Chemist Suite by Ozomatli.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 1:50, archived)
# They're coming to take me away
by Napoleon XIV. A classic of pre-B3tan craziness from the sixties.

I don't have a link, but email me if you want an MP3.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 1:53, archived)
# Shakira Cover
My sister and I got drunk once and we recorded this. Pure classic, I think but others might think it is but a large pile of anti-woo.
And you've probably already heard it.


EDIT: Now I think of it, there was a song called "I wanna be your dog" that was bloody great. I think that it either was covered by Iggy Pop or was done originally by them. You can download it with KaZaA
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 5:11, archived)
# Cool guy collective
me and my mates just mucking around with a mic and some music software. Peace.



www.philprice.net/cgc/ - site

It's all just for fun stuff. Back Off is the better track.
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 11:39, archived)
# i dont think enough
DJ yoda gets played on the tranny...
(, Fri 22 Aug 2003, 11:48, archived)