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# Can I be what I believe they call 'a reposting cunt?'
And then go off on a ramble?

Lovely thread for a Saturday morning, but I kinda got told a few days ago that I ain't got long left. I have not posted on here for long and I know that a lot of people won't know anything about me but last year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and have undergone a ridiculous amount of treatment and surgery to fix it. Two days ago, they told me that there was nothing left that they could do other make me comfortable for the inevitable.

Despite being a B3tan for years, I never really started posting until the summer when recovering from an op. The humour on here has helped me through so much and I have been surprised by how well my crap puns have been received. Sadly, there seems to have been a few B3ta related deaths recently, but they shall never take our Teh Quo or Dick Beattie!

Basically, I'm taking the chance to say thank you to a bunch of internet strangers, if this is inappropriate fell free to delete mod-people. Not been able to do much new lately but here is one of my favourite crap-jokes what I spent far too long on.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

*Edit* Thank you so much for the FP and all the comments, it really is touching how kind people can be during dark times!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:04, archived)
# Really sorry to hear that fella, I salute your putting on a brave face.
I've always hoped that I'd get the chance to say goodbye before as you say the inevitable,
it's good to know you've been able to put things in order.

We'll put in some extra effort to jolly you along the way.
P.S. image shack was having trouble so I fixed your image link
P.P.S. This is what I've imagined every time I've seen your username
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:14, archived)
# Cheers for fixing that
I have often wondered if people thought that the username was actually my own but it's from this
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:44, archived)
# :D
Frankingstein is an equally good name
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:47, archived)
# back when Sunday afternoon tv was good :)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:52, archived)
# Played by Mark Gatiss, wasn't it?
Really sorry to hear your news.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:41, archived)
# I never noticed that it was Mark Gatiss
Think I genuinely beleived that it was Greg Evigan of 'My Two Dads' fame!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 22:53, archived)
# I assumed that was where you got it from
And it gave me a giggle and pleasant flashback when I saw your user name the first time.

(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:04, archived)
# I thought you were a closet BJ & The Bear fan
Or possibly Willaim Shatner's TekWar.

Either way, I'm sorry to hear your news.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 0:27, archived)
# aawk fuck you cancer :(

enjoy the time you've got bud
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:38, archived)
# Cancer is what they call "a right fucking bawbag" where I'm from
I'd recommend taking a minute to read up on the symptoms of bowel cancer as it is increasingly affecting younger people. I'm only 27 and it's got me, rock star age to go at least!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:47, archived)
# aye it's a total bawbag..keep yer chins up :)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:51, archived)
# fuck fella, I assumed you were one of us oldies
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:52, archived)
# Sorry if this is inappropriate
but I can't help but be amused that the official term these days seems to be "back passage"
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:59, archived)
# that reminds me, I need to get my Porch looked at, it's letting in a draft
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 9:00, archived)
# I still find myself
trying not to giggle every time the consultant says it. He also frequently refers to ones genitals as 'the male organ' though.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 9:02, archived)
# Maybe he's tempted to bash out a tune on it.
sounds violent.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:50, archived)
# My friend Jacques just got a period...
5 years after menopause...
Got a message saying that she had to change her pants 4 times in one day.
Problem is she is a couple of hundred mile from me, But monday I am training it over to her place and dragging her to A&E so they can have a scout down there!
I hate looking at the internet for medical advice as it always leads to cancer, but even if it's just 1 out of 100 that are right it's not wasting the doctors time!
Lost both grandparents and my uncle to bum cancer.... It runs in the family. (you can have a little pun there if you want)
My mate Stu got caught with it at 26... 4 major operations but they got the bugger! he was told after his 4th op he may not be able to get erections... Two minutes after he came too he screamed the ward down "nurse, nurse! QUICK!" had 4 nursing staff around him to see where the agonizing pain was.
He whipped back the covers and decreed "Get an eye full of that" exposing his proudly erect cock to the ward. And then pronounced "Look! I can still twitch it too!"
He's 37 now and has had 3 more kids since to add to his other 4! I swear the fucker lives in a shoe!
Not a good guy to get into a fight with as I've seen him pull out his colostomy bag and throw it at his brothers face! Very funny, but everyone was heaving!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:49, archived)
# Drag them to the doctors NOW!
There's no time to wait with this cunting disease.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 22:55, archived)
# Well that's fucking shit
The illness, I mean, not your pic.
Sorry to hear this - hopefully us (and others!) can keep you laughing.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:58, archived)
# sounds like the bottom fell out of your world
sorry, sorry, sorry, couldn't resist

keep laughing and smiling, don't let the big C take that from you

top quality pearoast
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 8:59, archived)
# Sorry to hear that, sir.
I wish you as much fun and as little pain as possible in whatever time you have left.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 9:05, archived)
# Difference between board and talk....
We are all cunt's but /board is cunts with human decency!
Sorry mate, Truly sorry.
Keep with us as long as possible....
Much Love.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 9:54, archived)
# Not bumping this off the top for a shitty bandwagon!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:06, archived)
# What shit news.
I've enjoyed your work, I hope you get to do some more
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:00, archived)
# That's horrible
Makes me sad and makes me angry.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:07, archived)
# bloody fuxking hell :(
truly sorry to hear it, cock.. i enjoy your posts & plenty of them get my clicks..
hope to keep seeing you around, for a while longer at least :)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:18, archived)
# Ah shit
That news makes this internet stranger very sad. All the best, greg.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:19, archived)
# Good luck fella :)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:31, archived)
# hahaha but then fucking hell
tough deal, very tough
keep your spirits up chap
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:45, archived)
# *raises plastic beaker of milk in a silent toats*
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:47, archived)
# Dammit.
I like Warren Zevon's approach to death. When asked whether it had given him any good insights on life he said "Enjoy every sandwich."

Having typed that I've shed one tear for you and yet another for him. And I've made a note to myself to head to the 'fridge to enjoy something other than beer before bed.

What can I say, carry on? Soon we'll all be carrion.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:55, archived)
# Carrion sandwiches,
Good advice!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 22:56, archived)
# oh fuck dude
this random internet fucktard wishes you as much internet happy as possible
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 10:56, archived)
# Damn!
Sorry to hear it fella. I've mostly been lurking recently but I've enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good attitude and good luck with what you've got left.

Edit: heh heh - not many of us will get the chance to choose the board Sig that will be left here when we're gone. Nice one.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:01, archived)
# Very sad to read this Mr greg_evigan
This internet has had more than it's fair share of loss already
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:02, archived)
# Bummer.
^And all of what they said^

Too early to start drinking here, but I'll raise a glass or two to you tonight.
Fucking cancer.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:12, archived)
# A nurse just gave me the green light to crack open an 18 year old Highland Park
that someone thought was an appropriate gift. It's 11 o'clock on Tuesday night but screw it, I'm doing it!

(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 23:00, archived)
# Sad news
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:14, archived)
# Knobtwats to bum cancer :(
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:17, archived)
# this ^
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:06, archived)
# So sorry about that. :(
My mum is in a similar situation she has cancer too which is untreatable and she hasn't got long either. xxx
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:18, archived)
# :(
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 12:27, archived)
# She's in hospital as well with a chest infection.
Will pop up to see her tomorrow.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 12:45, archived)
# Sorry to hear that
I truly hope that she is comfortable and surrounded by smashing people!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 23:02, archived)
# Stay gold mate
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:19, archived)
# Oh shit man.
Don't really know what to say. Hope you're comfortable and you have your loved ones to support you. And yes, that's a really crap joke. ;-)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:32, archived)
# There really is nothing to say
that hasn't already been said, and make the most of all the time you have
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 11:55, archived)
# ^
What she said.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 12:02, archived)
# ^
What he said
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 14:54, archived)
# ^
What they said.
Best wishes from another internet stranger.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 17:03, archived)
# Very sorry to hear that :(
It's been a blast having you and your work around. I'm glad we haven't been stingy with the laughs on here as of late, and I wish you all the best.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 12:06, archived)
# Good thoughts to you mate.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 12:58, archived)
# Hello, internet stranger.
That is really shit news. Cancer is a cunt and we should be doing more to fuck its shit up. It's probably only a little consolation but we will continue to try to fuck its shit up even if we haven't managed to fuck it up in time for you and your loved ones.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 13:29, archived)
# Love your post, but so sorry to hear that stranger. Keep fighting that bastard and keep posting.

(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 13:41, archived)
# really sorry to hear that
when you do see death(hopefully not for a good long while), rip the fucker's nipples off :)
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 13:48, archived)
# thats bloody harsh
if its any consolation I don't think you'll be missing much, other than the last 20 years of entertainment being repackaged for new formats while civilisation gradually destroys itself over the last scraps of our dwindling resources, until eventually the last filthy ragged remnants of humanity will face each other in a final epic battle between the followers of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls.

(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 15:06, archived)
# Optimist!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:05, archived)
# This actually sums it up pretty well.
But I think there will be surprising differences.

Life has been like a dreadful treadmill with good bike rides.

(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:23, archived)
# Aw man, I was really looking forward to the live coverage of this!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 23:06, archived)
# So sorry
But keep up with the crap puns on here until the last. Leave your stamp on the world.

(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 15:38, archived)
# Dude, : ( what shitty news... hope you can keep smiling
maybe we can put your head in a jar like in Futurama....and throw your bum in the dustbin...
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:15, archived)
# Keep your chin up.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 16:39, archived)
# fuck you cancer :o(
Enjoy the time you have left dude :) Also a sobering reminder to the rest of us to make the most of things
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 17:12, archived)
# Sorry to hear this.
I clicked "I like" because I like the picture and also I think you want people to know. My Dad went with Cancer in October. I hope you are at peace with life. You sound like you are. All I can say is I wish you to be at peace.
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 17:42, archived)
# Cancer is a right bastard
Keep up the puns and entertainment, I'll raise a glass to you!
(, Sat 12 Jan 2013, 20:44, archived)
# Cancer really is a shit.
I don't think I know anybody that hasn't been affected by it in some way.

All the best fella.
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 12:07, archived)
# What all of them ^ said.
Awful news fella :(
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 20:40, archived)
# Soz to hear this,
enjoy what's left and godspeed fella :(
(, Sun 13 Jan 2013, 22:14, archived)
# Ugh :(
Really sorry to hear that. All the best.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 10:17, archived)
# BOO,
and indeed, HISS.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 10:19, archived)
# Fuck.
This news sucks major balls.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 10:26, archived)
# aw naw. Enjoy what's left and what mutated monty said.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 10:31, archived)
# Fuck sake, sorry to hear that.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 12:03, archived)
# *Salutes you
What can you say that hasn't been said already.
Best I can do is post one of my fave gifs I made for here.

(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 12:10, archived)
# Sorry to hear that
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 12:15, archived)
# Oh Noes.
As shit as this is. you sound very level headed about it and i respect that. :(
Image for no reason why
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 12:54, archived)
All of the above with bells on!!

I actually find the widespread common use of this particular C word quite distasteful. But in this instance, cancer really is a cunt!!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 12:55, archived)
# I can only hope to go out with half as much bravery & dignity as you seem to be fella.
Top man.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 13:21, archived)
# Sorry for your troubles man.
I am writing this from a hospital ward where, about 30 minutes before reading your post I was told I have probably suffered a silent heart attack in the last few years I am 31.

I was feeling really sorry for myself until I read your post. Your post provided me with equal parts sadness and determination.

For what it is worth, all the best from an Internet stranger.

(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 13:35, archived)
# Sorry to hear that
and hope you make a full recovery.

I recommend a prescription of B3ta nonsense to cheer you up!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 14:47, archived)
# A message like that from someone in your position is pretty humbling.
Many, many thanks.

I sincerely hope that things work out as best as possible given your situation.

I know this sounds like thickly sugar coated bullshit but I will honestly tell my kids about the Internet stranger who took a moment from his own troubles to wish me well.

All the best!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:26, archived)
# See what you've done now the pair of you!
You've got us all in fucking tears. Maybe we need to share those as well as the daily laughter on here. Very best wishes for the future, whatever it brings.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 17:27, archived)
# Fuck. That is a frank and honest post.

Wishing you peace and no pain.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 13:43, archived)
# Hope the time you have left is made bearable.
Well played brave soldier.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 13:44, archived)
# Shit news indeed.
But glad to see from your profile that even when dying you won't post on /talk!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 14:31, archived)
# this^^^
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:24, archived)
# ^^THIS^^
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:26, archived)
# Good job but..
the dog should have one normal sized paw and one half sized one
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 14:58, archived)
# Good luck chap
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:20, archived)
# Unfortunately we all have to go sometime. I wish you all the comforts of the world.
May you go in peace. :(
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:32, archived)
# Fucking sorry to hear that dude!
Hope you rock the shit out of the time you've got left!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:40, archived)
# I have to stop coming on here
It's my fault. Every time I log in, someone dies. I'm like the one killing kittens when people toss off.
I hope you find some good stuff to do while you've got time. Cancer is shit. In fact, death is shit generally. Personally I don't see why everyone does it.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:43, archived)
# Not much I can say...
...except sorry to hear that and best wishes to you and your family
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:48, archived)
# fuck
I just sat here for 10 minutes staring at a flashing cursor wondering what to type, but knowing I wanted to say something.

I re-read the other comments and have decided on
"What they said ^ ^"
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:49, archived)
# Fucking shitey wanking cunting bollocking cancer bullshit!
This makes me so fucking angry (not you, Greg!). Fucking cancer.

I hope your remaining time consists of long, painfree days, filled with laughter, joy and teh Quo.

Have a woo, sir, have a woo.

(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 15:58, archived)
# Really sorry to hear this.
All the best mate.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:00, archived)
# Well...
I never knew you, but it's such a shitty feeling having you say goodbye.
Enjoy your time left, smoke a fat joint or whatever pushes your buttons.
It was good that you dropped by :)
Have a nice journey, mate!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:06, archived)
# So sorry for you
and especially your family.


(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:54, archived)
# Terrible, terrible news.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 16:58, archived)
# gah, bloody hell :(
Never knew you Greggy, but now I'll never forget you. Thanks for sharing the news, and posting a bad pun. I groaned.
All the best to your family too.

(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 17:00, archived)
# :) & :(
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 17:38, archived)
# Well... That just sucks
Make the most of it that you can, cheers for the smiles for your pictures, and I'm glad we could all help a bit along the way.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:03, archived)
# Sorry to hear that fella
I hope that you have some time left to enjoy the rotten world we call earth, a place where such a shit thing as cancer apparently thrives. And please do take the opportunity to tell people exactly what you think of them, and not just saying your upstairs neighbour is a blistering cock, but also the love for your family and .. Well you get the point. I wish you all the breast for the time to come.

Seeing all these b3ta deaths it makes me wonder; did we all join b3ta in poor health? What is this place! *shakes fist*
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:04, archived)
# The fact that you can still make us laugh with
a dreadful/fantastic pun while life deals you such a poor hand is amazing. You're an inspiration, my friend.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:12, archived)
# Hang in there dude
And look on the bright side.

1. You'll get free heroin.

2. The Tories are in charge and the country's shit.

Keep kicking against the pricks, and good luck.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:34, archived)
# So sorry Greg...
You've given me some good chuckles over the last year. Hope you still get to give me a few more.

(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:37, archived)
# It's coming to all of us but...
I am not sure how many of us would be brave enough to share it with others.

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
Until we meet again.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 18:49, archived)
# Christ man, that's awful news
Have a Beadle-based image (joke went on a bit, but basically half poodle, half beagle)
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 19:29, archived)
# Sorry to hear this, sounds like you've had a really tough time.
Your picture made me laugh.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 19:58, archived)
# Beadle pun, followed by a reveal of some terrible news.
It's a wind up, right? Pretty poor taste, though.

Commiserations, internet stranger. Carpe diem, while you still can. Or post more bad jokes, which ever makes you happy!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 20:05, archived)
# you cunt that death bloke RIGHT IN THE FUCK!
do you hear me!
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 20:14, archived)
Really sorry to hear that. I hope you remain pain free and with dignity intact to the end - and I hope that's as far off as possible.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 20:56, archived)
# Good luck buddy
May your shadow never grow shorter.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 21:23, archived)
# May you find your way home
All the best fella, respect.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 21:26, archived)
# So, If you lie on your back and sneeze...
The tube pops out and the shit hit the ceiling?
Sorry to hear your predicament, wish all the best in your remaining time.
And your jokes are better than the Beagle crap they are based on.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 22:42, archived)
# Don't give up fella
Cancer is for wimps. Real men get Ebola-AIDS of the face. Keep fighting.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 23:08, archived)
# Just not fair, so sorry sir. Your good humour in the face of this is inspiring
*salutes and hugs*
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 23:34, archived)
# What a very brave post sir. Thank you.
Too many of these on B3ta these days.

At the going down of the server, we will remember them.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 23:37, archived)
# I dont know what to say
No I ACTUALLY dont know what to say.

Apart from the fact that your post made me smile. And that I wish you the best.
I wish I posted more stuff too.
You're a brave person.
In more ways than one.
(, Mon 14 Jan 2013, 23:53, archived)
# Have some elbow.
Always brightens my day.

Sorry I've nothing more awesome and wise to say, but fucking enjoy every moment you can brother.

(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 0:03, archived)
# ffs. I hope you've got some good people around to help make the best of the time you have.
For what it's worth, I've enjoyed your excruciating puns - thank you.
From one internet stranger to another.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 0:08, archived)
# Not been on the board for a while
and have always been a perpetual lurker on here, I enjoy all the posts and unfortunately haven't got the time or the bloody talent that all these guys posess to do my own. This post at first made me laugh and then sad and then happy again as the replies to this have demonstrated to me what a bloody awesome bunch of twats b3tans are! Fucksocks to cancer and enjoy what time you have sir!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 6:03, archived)
# Ah man!
Teh cancerz is a ballbag :( Please keep making funny stuff out of words that sound like other words with pictures and ting while you're still about. You're a funny chap. Peas and Lard x
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 8:02, archived)
# That fucking sucks...
This internet stranger is feeling pretty sad for you right now just make sure you enjoy what you have left OK!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 10:05, archived)
# Chin up, tits out and punch anyone who says sit still =)
Commendable post cobber, have an adventure time pic I did for a friend who I lost long ago,
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 12:03, archived)
# I'm not entirely sure what's going on
But that's lovely.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 17:56, archived)
# Shit...
I think about death a lot and one thing that would piss me off the most about going soon is missing the final of Breaking Bad.

Hope you get to see that, and maybe the final Game of Thrones as well (that should be a lot longer). :/
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 13:40, archived)
# Fucksticks!
I hadn't even considered the possibility of missing the last season of Breaking Bad, all the more the reason for me to hold on as long as possible now!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 17:53, archived)
# It worked for this guy!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 18:22, archived)
# A little going-away present
Haven't done one of these in a while and it seemed fitting. Have a good trip, mate.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 19:38, archived)
# That is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank fuck it rotates. I took a picture on an iPad in portrait mode and tried to view it in landscape. I twisted it through 360 degrees about 4 times before my wife suggested I lock the rotation.

I would have been here all day.
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 19:46, archived)
# That is fantastic, many thanks!
The fact that you were willing to spend the time doing this for someone you don't even know sums up everything that is great about B3ta for me!
(, Tue 15 Jan 2013, 21:13, archived)
# Respect....
...your dignity under such awful cicumstances. Rock on, dude.
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 13:31, archived)
# Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Loved your silly shed gag.
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 14:22, archived)
# This is not fucking right at all.
All bandwagons are shit, but cancer is the shittest one of all. Wishing you all the best in the times ahead and I hope you enjoy making the most of every second.

That's a fucking dreadful joke, by the way.
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 18:18, archived)
# Haha, dreadful is what I aim for!
And I agree, the cancerwagon is shit. Hopefully boffins with their science and wizzardry continue to improve treatments over coming decades. Or at very least, hurry up with my goddam hover board!
(, Wed 16 Jan 2013, 21:24, archived)
# Bad times
I have only posted once before on here I think over the many years of lurking. Never felt the need. Your posts and yourself will be missed. All the best.
(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 18:38, archived)
Hi Greg, I don't post a lot on here cos I'm no good at photoshop or making funnies. I like your beagle post but I don't like your news. You are very brave & I wish you all the best. This Internet stranger is thinking kindly of you. *hugs* love Lara xxx
(, Thu 17 Jan 2013, 23:04, archived)
# Terrible news.
Godspeed. Mate.
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 11:34, archived)
Sad to hear that mate - thanks for cheering us up, and I'm glad we've been able to cheer you up too. Keep smiling :)
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 12:32, archived)
# *salutes*
Good on you, sir.

*has no other words*
(, Fri 18 Jan 2013, 23:39, archived)
# Reposting cunt.
(, Sat 19 Jan 2013, 0:15, archived)
# I don't know what to say either
Except here are some potentially helpful words from another dying man: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt6iTwVIiMM

May your journey be easy when at last the time comes to go, and know that you have made your tiny mark on the world which is all that any of us can do.
(, Sat 19 Jan 2013, 1:19, archived)